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Public Cloud Hosting

Reduce burden and cost of ongoing hardware and data-centre management with Public Cloud Hosting. It provides easy access to IT resources when you need them.

Hello2Hosting Public Cloud Hosting
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What is
Public Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is one of the best implementations of “divide and rule” approach, in which the resources are maintaining the website are divided among many web servers and only, come into action when required. Public cloud hosting is better as it is cost-efficient and no hectic procedures of installation or maintaining servers as it in private cloud hosting.

We at Hello2Hosting provide numerous services of Public cloud hosting that are high in quality as well as of conventional technology. We offer quick, efficient, robust and stable services related to Public Cloud hosting. In order to fulfill your business needs, contact us now.

Advantages of using
Using Public Cloud

  • Public Cloud hosting is reliable and efficient for businesses.
  • Most effective with lesser budgets, as it is designed for multi-tenant needs.
  • Public Cloud hosting works excellently with complex projects.

Why Choose to
Public Cloud hosting?

  • Cloud VPS hosting Looking for interruption-free, smooth flow of work
  • Cost Effective Option When you don’t want to worry about infrastructure, but want a stable one already set up.
  • Drive Speed Looking for low or Medium-end business use
  • Drive Speed Looking for less operational costs.

Features of
Public Cloud hosting?

Built on the latest Vmware, Nexus 1000V software, and VSAN.
Works efficiently as resource distributing make traffic hours so easy, Public Cloud hosting can be done quickly without any hassles of installation and buy a separate entity.


Highly reliable and flexible.

What you are waiting for?
Go for it!

  • Linux Public Cloud VPS Startup Hosting

  • 20% off
  • Starting From
  • 31.48/mo
  • 1 Vcpu
    1 GB True DDR4 RAM
    20 GB SSD Storage !
    5 TB Data Transfer
  • Windows Public Cloud VPS Startup Hosting

  • 20% off
  • Starting From
  • 41.98/mo
  • 1 Vcpu Processor
    1 GB True DDR4 RAM
    20 GB SSD Storage !
    5 TB Data Transfer

Public Cloud Hosting
Advantages With Us!

We are your trusted partner for Public Cloud hosting

Hello2Hosting’s team has been providing help to various kinds of business needs. Our Public Cloud hosting in India and in the worldis highly reliable but is flexible as per your requirements. The usage of modern technology has enabled us to solve many complications in the industry.

Our Vast Expertise

Our team is highly professional and has extensive experience in dealing with needs, complications, and queries. Our highly experienced team can implement all your business needs. They not only provide support quickly but try to resolve the issue in the least time possible with a stable solution.

We Provide Constant Supervision

Our support system is so proficient that any minor or major issues are taken into consideration, and are taken care of with utmost precision. Any kind of help is provided by our team to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Frequently Asked

The starting price is affordable at Rs. 1.53/hr.
It comes with 20GB SSD Storage.
Public cloud is basically for small-medium end business houses that do not have the financial capacity to own their own server and have to deal with a large group of customers at a go. It is for smooth, hassle free work at low cost.

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